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Type in ‘most desirable woman in the world' in Google and you will be provided with a series of links and images of Jennifer Lawrence. When the search is modified to ‘most desirable man in the world', Google seem to be unable to provide one name. Is it not intriguing how there is an ideal person or image in which women all over the world are to be measured against to be desirable?

It is no surprise that a famous female figure in history is well-known for her body or the clothes she wears. Before Jennifer Lawrence, there was the period where Megan Fox was the ideal that women strove to imitate, and which some still do to date. Although her physical body was the envy of many women and desired by men, it was Megan Fox's attires which accentuated or amplified her body that drew attention. On the contrary, Lady Gaga's outfits that always astound and puzzle people across the globe were rarely flattering but it captivated an audience that attempt to emulate her style. One can even find, Audrey Hepburn, as quoted to being an inspiration icon for women today.
Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty is a perfect example to explain the point of this article – women come in various shapes, sizes and color. There is no one style which fits all. What may compliment a petite-sized woman may not look as well on a plus-size woman. Despite the ‘thin is healthy' mindset that many carry around these days, a bigger size does not disallow women to be fashionable. It is of utmost importance that a woman feels happy and comfortable of her body to be able to project that confidence in everything she puts on. After all, are you wearing the dress or is the dress wearing you?
People tend to get more compliments about looking well and healthy when they are fit and looking after themselves. Go outdoors, get some sun, get rosy cheeks, life live, celebrate with friends, have a glass of wine, relax and socalise to live longer!


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